What do we do

Founded in 1875 in our agency operates in various ports in Sicily carrying a freight forwarder and ship agents, transport, loading and unloading goods, and all that is required in today's shipping market. We have developed an accurate database, constantly updated, the characteristics and restrictions of all ports where we operate.

Our Brand

The "Boccadifuoco" brand has deep roots the first company was formed in the late 19th century, under the name "Giovanni Boccadifuoco & Figli S.r.l. , Started to operate in the port of Syracuse in the import / export sector, particularly in the carriage of grain and cereals, which was at that time the most important from an economic point of view for the whole of Sicily. In the middle of last century it was made up of the Boccadifuoco family, the Agency Maritime Services. Subsidized, operating as a maritime agency and ticket office for companies Tirrenia, Adriatica, Lloyd and others.


In the late '50s, following the birth of the petrochemical Priolo / Augusta, the company opened a branch office in Augsburg to operate at that port as a shipping agency. In the following years it has established itself as the "primary agency" in the whole area, gaining considerable experience in the field, and working, too, as shipping agency for vessels taken "Time-Charter" by Montedison Priolo, working with its piers in the bay of Augusta. The "M.S.G. Boccadifuoco Shipping & sons Srl today plays a very important presence in every sector of the business, he remained as a solid and capable company open to all challenges of the future.



Oil e Gas

Since 1970 Since 1970 Boccadifuoco Agency has been greatly involved in providing shipping services to the oil & gas industry in Sicily. Our mission is to turn our long and proven track record, built up over many years of servicing in the oil and gas industry, into long-lasting relationships and partnerships.


Project Cargo

Boccadifuoco Agency is built on strong foundation- many years of knowledge and experience in shipping services. This background, our dynamic team of specialists and our strategy based on listening to our clients' shipping needs, have placed Boccadifuoco Agency at the forefront of today's shipping market.



Our agency guarantees optimal provisioning in all the ports of Sicily, maintaining the reliability of the products sent guaranteeing their safety. Whatever the port, or procurement activity, with our customer-oriented solutions, we ensure optimal provisioning.


Yacht Trasport

For years, transporting yachts around the globe has been an important niche market for Boccadifuoco Agency. We can load and unload the boats and yachts directly and with great care out of and into the water. There's no need to call at a port or jetty, and because yachts are not moved across the quayside in an industrial port, handling risks are reduced.

IMG:Prayitno from Los Angeles, USA - Yacht TransportUploaded by Navigans, CC BY 2.0

Bulk Transport

Boccadifuoco Agency is primarily known around the world for our shipping capabilities in handling bulk cargoes. We are aware that the a great versatility and flexibility are paramount when serving our clients in the best possible way and when moving our vessels around the globe in the most efficient way.

IMG:Peter Dutton from Forest Hills, Queens, USA - Spaarnegracht, CC BY 2.0

Wind Energy

Over the past decade, wind power and the related transportation of turbines and components have become a significant part of our project managing cargoes. The evolution of wind turbines technology has quickly advanced to much larger, more powerful and efficient units.

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