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Boccadifuoco Agency has always been committed
to respect the environment and to more sustainable future.

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Since 1973, following the opening of an Operating in Syracuse District Agip SpA for drilling activities in the Strait of Sicily in the search for hydrocarbons, with the use of the port of Syracuse as "the cradle" for "supply vessels" to / from the drilling platforms and obtaining service contracts for the shipping agency, port company and customs shipments, ns. Company assumed size and international awards in the field, operating in the following years also on behalf of major oil companies and oil exploration as Montedison SpA, Conoco, Amoco, Gulf, Lasmo, Elf.


Since more than a century our company represents a true reference point for shipping and yachtingin the whole Mediterranean area. Established in 1875, the company started in the sector of maritime transport; it grew and distinguished itself in the course of six generations for its top professional level, unequalled in Sicily. Over the years, the company has enlarged its range of services and gained new customers, such as big cruise ship companies and luxury yachts. We were able to create a network including services and support in order to take care of customers wherever they are, relying on top professional partners who are present in the main Italian ports..

Shipping Leader

Boccadifuoco Agency has a long history: the first company was established in the late 19th century and was called “Giovanni Boccadifuoco & Figli S.A.”. It used to operate in the port of Siracusa especially in the sectors of import/export and shipping of corn and other cereals, that was fundamental for Sicily’s economy in those years. In the mid 20th century, the Boccadifucoco family established its “Agenzia Servizi Marittimi Sovvenzionati”. It worked as shipping agent and a ticket office for naval companies such as Tirrenia, Adriatica, Lloyd Triestino, etc…
In the late 1950s, following the creation of petrochemical industries in Priolo and Augusta – near Siracusa -, the Agency opened an office in Augusta and started working as a shipping agent in the local port.
In some years, our company became one of the main shipping agents in the whole area, gaining experience in the sector as a shipping agent for time-charter vessels from Priolo’s Montedison plant, operating through its own jetties in the Port of Augusta..

Import/export activities increased in the rest of Sicily, and Pozzallo’s port was opened. In 1992 Luigi Mauceri Boccadifuoco decided to establish a new company, called “M.S.G. Boccadifuoco & C. Srl”, having its registered office in Siracusa and operating office in Pozzallo. This was possible thanks to the great experience and know-how acquired in past years.when working in the ports of Siracusa, Bay of S.Panagia and Augusta; the new company soon obtained appointments as a shipping agent from important cruise ship owners, liners, containers and tramps.Between 2001 and 2003, M.S.G. Boccadifuoco Shipping & C. Srl has been operating on behalf of Eni SpA (Agip - Gela Division) in the port of Pozzallo as a shipping agent, customs broker and port company for their activities of drilling and search of hydrocarbons in the area called “Panda” off the Southern coast of Sicily and off Malta. We presently operate as a shipping agent on behalf of Malta’s “Virtu Ferries Limited”, owner of the catamaran connecting Malta to Pozzallo and vice versa, embarking people, vehicles and goods.

Shipping agent, customs broker and port company for loading/unloading of equipment and several items on/from supply vessels chartered off Pozzallo’s coast, the company also operates as the representative of Polimeri Europa SpA in polythene loading, and of several other companies from the Ragusa area in importing soy flour, masonite and wood; Boccadifuoco Agency also takes care of vessels when loading and unloading the above-mentioned goods. M.S.G. Boccadifuoco Shipping & Sons Srl is a leading company in all the above-mentioned specific sectors and stands as a steady and talented company willing to meet future challenges.

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has consistently provided exemplary maritime services unequalled within Sicily. Our shipping agency is located in Ortigia, the historic center of Siracuse. We also provide local support in all the Sicilian ports.

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